25.08. - 01.09. - LINZ/OTTENSHEIM, AUT

Cashless at the Regatta Venue

All payments at the regatta venue are completed through the Cashless-System. This is how it works:

  • Get your cashless card at the cashless counter either at the culinary market place or below the restaurant of the new boathouse building. You can charge it with an amount of your choice.
  • Pay all of your consumptions at the culinary market place or in the restaurant with your cashless card.
  • You need a receipt? You can check your receipts and print them through the cashless website.
  • You want to get your change back? You can either ask to get it back in cash at the cashless counter at the regatta venue or let it transfer to your bank account through the cashless website. The transferral takes approximately 2 weeks.