25.08. - 01.09. - LINZ/OTTENSHEIM, AUT

Danube Song for WRCH

“You have got so much to tell.” Alois Schwaiger, performer of the official World Championships song is talking to the river Danube. The song will be officially presented at the opening ceremony on 24 August. After, it will be available on CD on the event venue.

Alois Schwaiger has become performer of the official World Championships song ” Danube” by coincidance. “My job is the management of the waterway, therefore, the Danube is very important to me. Only recently I have written a few lines about the river. I mentioned it in front of a member of the Organising Committee, who was very impressed and I was asked to compose an official event song”, so Schwaiger.

“The song “Danube” shall remind of the World Championships – now and for many more years.”

Of course, Alois Schwaiger is going to attend the event. “My song will be played at Victory Ceremonies and in between races. I am looking forward to visiting the event and listening to my song.”

Souvenir to take home

Those who want to take home a souvenir, can purchase the song on CD at the World Championships.