25.08. - 01.09. - LINZ/OTTENSHEIM, AUT

New Design Line for Linz-Ottensheim

Soon the National Training Centre in Linz-Ottensheim will shine in a new design. The sustainable branding of the regatta course will be implemented in every upcoming event.

The Organising Committee of the 2019 World Rowing Championships welcomes a new member in their team: Stefan Macheiner, a graphic designer from Linz, is now responsible for the conception of a design line that shall not only be used for the 2018 World Rowing Cup II and the 2019 World Rowing Championships, but for all upcoming rowing regattas in Linz-Ottensheim. “Of course, the design will be adapted to each event. The fundamentals, however, will remain the same in order to achieve recognition value for the regatta course. The rowing community shall recognise from first sight: That’s Linz-Ottensheim,” explains Stefan Macheiner.

The concept can be implemented in all areas: from website, to posters and brochures, until merchandising products. Regarding sustainability, an investment in this sector is definitely justified, as President Horst Anselm plans to hold an international rowing regatta in Linz-Ottensheim at least every two years. Currently the Organising Committee is bidding for the 2020 World Rowing Masters Regatta. The decision will be made at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida in September.