25.08. - 01.09. - LINZ/OTTENSHEIM, AUT

18. September 2019

About the 2019 World Rowing Championships

Summer temperature, still air filled with cheering spectators and splashing blades in Danube water. Only the best conditions were provided […]

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25. August 2019

WRCH 2019 declared open

“I hereby declare the 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz-Ottensheim as open,” said FISA President Jean-Christophe Rolland accompanied by thundering […]

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21. August 2019

Training incident

Official Announcement Today, shortly after 1 p.m., a 33-year old Belarusian para-rower capsized during training on the Linz-Ottensheim rowing course. A […]

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8. August 2019

Construction Site WRCH 2019

The clock is ticking: 2000 athletes are looking forward to the grand opening of the 2019 World Rowing Championships. Meanwhile, […]

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26. July 2019

Danube Song for WRCH

“You have got so much to tell.” Alois Schwaiger, performer of the official World Championships song is talking to the […]

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3. June 2019

Only the best for Ottensheim

“Only the best for Ottensheim”. Andy Bucher, President of the Organising Committee in Lucerne expresses his best wishes to Linz-Ottensheim. […]

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13. May 2019

Pulling through to World Champs

Markus Achleitner – Minister of Economy and Sports of Upper Austria – and Horst Nussbaumer – President of the Austrian […]

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16. April 2019

Opening Ceremony on 24 August

The Opening Ceremony of the 2019 World Rowing Championships takes place on 24 August 2019. With the motto “Rhythm on Water”, 1400 athletes and countless spectators shall be introduced to the unique world of rhythm and sense. The Rowing Boat as musical Instrument Werner Pfeffer, Master of Ceremony, chose the title “Rhtythm on Water” […]

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2. April 2019

Stamp for 2019 World Rowing Championships

The international rowing event taking place in Linz-Ottensheim from 25 August – 1 September 2019 is reason enough to go […]

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