25.08. - 01.09. - LINZ/OTTENSHEIM, AUT

Opening Ceremony on 24 August

The Opening Ceremony of the 2019 World Rowing Championships takes place on 24 August 2019. With the motto “Rhythm on Water”, 1400 athletes and countless spectators shall be introduced to the unique world of rhythm and sense.

The Rowing Boat as musical Instrument

Werner Pfeffer, Master of Ceremony, chose the title “Rhtythm on Water” due to a special reason. In music the term “rhythm” refers to the time structure, as the duration of breaks. Rowing is about combining the movements of many and about melting as team together with the water. The rhythmic movement sequences of the sport are similar to ballet on the water. Rowing reminds of an harmonic orchestre, resulting from various individual movements. More precisely, Werner Pfeffer and singer-songwriter Gabriella Häninnen will tell about the specialities of the regatta venue and its surroundings. The acoustic journey will take their spectators to the centre of Ottensheim, the ferry, the hydroelectric power plant and back to the regatta course – turning the rowing boat into a musical instrument.

Austrian Celebrities at Opening Ceremony

Philipp Sageder and Bernhard Schimpelsberger – two internationally successful musicians from Austria – will make the show to a musical highlight. Philipp Sageder is known from the Vocal Groove Project “Bauchklang” and Bernhard Schimpelsberger, who currently lives in London, travels with his “Rhythm Diaries” around the world.

“The ceremony will be a special experience that introduces athletes and spectators in a very personal way to our unique regatta course in Ottensheim,” says Werner Pfeffer.

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